Life is like click, off you are gone

Steve Jobs was a technological innovator, computer specialist, founder of Apple and one of the richest in the world. He referred computers as bicycle for the mind. Bicycle gave ability to humans to move efficiently, likewise computers would multiply the efficiency of their minds. A brilliant person of this generation who transformed music industry with his disruptive technology of iPod; later developed Apple computers, iPad, phones…etc. “In all of the products, technology would be married to great design, elegance, human touches and even romance,” writes his biographer Walter Isaacson. Steve Jobs had fifty-fifty belief in God.
He ordered for Superyacht Venus to be built, with luxurious amenities, for his use at the cost of 105 million Euros (930 crore rupees) but died before seeing it. Sadly, his wealth and knowledge could not save him from pancreatic cancer. Like the rich fool parable, he did not think about future, eternity. (Luke 12: 13-21) Instead, built his own heaven in the form superyacht even which he could not see or experience or enjoy. His biographer writes: “Life is like click, off you are gone. So, he did not have on-off switches in Apple.” He could neither see his own ‘paradise yacht’ nor have a mansion built by Lord for His own.
Bible teaches life of humans are like fleeting shadow; mist or fog or vapour; grass; water spilt on the ground; evening shadow; smoke; (Psalms 144:4; James 4:14; I Peter 1:24; II Samuel 14:14; 102:11; Psalms 102:3) This life is limited to few years and is preparation for eternal life after death. Preparation is by repenting from sin, receiving Lord Jesus Christ by faith as Saviour who died on the cross, buried and rose from the dead, forsaking sins; enjoy life in anticipation of hope of dwelling with God in Heaven forever and ever. Yes, life is just one click, it would be gone; but there is eternity ahead of us. Those who reject Lord Jesus Christ commit spiritual suicide.
Do I have hope: one click, I will be in Heaven with Christ?