Perversion of justice

One top politician in a country was found to be corrupt and the case was proved in court. The judge let her go scot-free stating that she need not be punished by the court, God will punish her. The judge who was entrusted with authority to punish the guilty, set free the criminal. This is an example of the perversion of justice warned by Moses. (Deuteronomy 16:19-20)
Partiality: Showing favoritism to some and discrimination against some is partiality. People in power and authority seem to favor people like them. The worldly principle, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine,’’ operates. The rich, politically powerful, corrupt and criminals would find favor from unjust judges. Partiality is dangerous and even creates chaos in homes. Rebekah favored Jacob, who showed favoritism towards Joseph and created misery in both the families.
Bribe: It is like a magic stone in the eyes of the one who gives it and in turn brings success. (Proverbs 17:8) Justice is made crooked and sold off for a bribe. Truth is suppressed, witnesses are silenced, and evidence is destroyed by the power of bribe money. Judas was bribed with thirty pieces of silver coin to deceive and trap Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 26:15)
Blinded: A bribe is also used to make the judge blind. S/he will refuse to see evidence as convincing, or truth in the witness’s account, hence would favor the criminal.
Foolishness: A wise judge sadly becomes a foolish judge, and innocent people immensely suffer. The knowledge, analytical skills, discerning mind, and judicial insights of a judge become foolish, silly, and stupid because of bribes. Such judges’ judgments are ridiculous and like a joke.
Subversion: It means to undervalue or undermine the power and authority of an institution. The judges who take bribes, subvert the judicial process. Instead of making justice flow like a stream, they make it a poisonous or bitter drink like wormwood. (Amos 5:24: 7) The system that should display God’s righteousness in governance, becomes non-functional or a tool in the hands of Satan.
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