Pharisees were stunned

The Lord Jesus Christ shared parables, the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes were keen listeners. As the Lord was sharing the parable in which the younger son demands inheritance from his father was interesting. (Luke 15:11-32) In their minds, the parable was good as the boy was punished by being condemned to live with pigs, apt punishment indeed. However, the parable continued, which stunned the critics.

1) Rejected: Living with pigs was below dignity for a Jewish young man. Taking refuge among Gentiles was another shameful thing.

2) Remembered: Though physically, emotionally, and relationally, he rejected his father, he could not reject his memories. Yes, memories are good when we discipline to retain the right things in our cerebral hard drive.

3) Repented: His good times with his father at home were the best times in his life. He longed to go there, if not as a son, at least as a servant or slave. He was willing to upgrade himself by accepting the lowest rung of ladder in his home hierarchy.

4) Returning: Journey home could have been anxious moments. Will he be accepted, or doors will be slammed and shut? Neighbours could catch him and punish him for leaving home with animosity, defiance, disobedience, and rebellion. Could the Older brother be mean and may not allow him to reach his father? With his mind debating, doubting, and hoping he walked back home.

5) Reconciled: He was surprised to see his father running towards him when he was near. How did he notice? Was he standing on the balcony or terrace expecting his arrival? The embrace was enough for the son to know that his father had reconciled, reconnected, and restored him. He was not even allowed to do his best rehearsed confession statement.

6) Restored: Younger son longed just to be a servant, he was restored back as son, with new garments and rings. That was beyond his wild imaginations.

7) Rejoiced: Father ordered a celebration with music, dance, and feast with a great list of guests.
Pharisees like the Elder Son were stunned at God’s grace, generosity and forgiveness.

Do I rejoice in my restoration?