Politics of Prayer

Recently, I got two invitations for prayer meetings with information about forthcoming elections in Tamil Nadu scheduled for 2021. One argued vehemently for the ruling party and we all should pray for their win. Another argued forcefully for the opposition party should come to power. I wondered; how would the Lord respond to such prayers.
Joshua was alone, probably thinking and praying about effective strategy to defeat Jericho. At that time, he saw a fully armed person. He asked him: “You belong to us or to our adversaries?” Interestingly, he replied, “Neither,” and continued: “I am the commander of the army of the Lord.” (Joshua 5:14) His conversation with the Commander gives us lessons.
1) Us and them paradigm: Joshua’s idea was earthly, thinking of ‘us’ and ‘others.’ Lord cannot be bracketed with ‘us’ or ‘others.’ Joshua, divided humanity as ‘us’ and ‘them,’ without any other option given for anyone. Certainly, Joshua was wrong. Lord is not part of ‘us’ and ‘them’ life games of humans. He is incomparable, majestic, and righteous.
2) Sovereign God: Many think Lord like that of local gods of several religions. The belief is that those local gods have jurisdiction only in a small area and favour the locals. Advisors of Ben-hadad, the king of Syria said Jehovah was God of Hills, hence they were defeated. If Israel fought in plains Syria would win. (I Kings 20:23) What a funny idea? Even today, Lord Jesus Christ is rejected as the foreign God. However, God is not foreign, Sovereign over all humanity, kings, and nations.
3) Worship and surrender: Joshua responded by worshipping the Lord in total surrender. The worship is based on Holiness of God and not with an intention of gaining Him to our side.
4) Holy: His presence is Holy. (Joshua 5:15) Removing sandals means to be there without hurry or rush, focused, listening to His voice. His presence is not for petty politics. God works are based on His holiness, not based on human perception or expectation.
Have I repented from mundane thinking to embrace Godly thinking?