Pop – Up

While working in the computer, if connected to Internet, there would be sudden pop-up messages or push messages. It could be notification from an app like Facebook or online news or advertisement. It is done to attract or catch attention or even distract. Without discipline, any person would have glimpse on the pop-up and be seduced and deceived.

Pop-up strategy was first used by Satan in the Garden of Eden. A Serpent pops up from among the leaves, probably with a low noise, seeking attention of Eve. It was perfect trap, and this Serpent empowered by Satan spoke in the human language. Was Eve shocked or shaken or surprised? Serpent asks if there were any forbidden tree or fruits. Pop-up wanted an interaction, a response. Eve could have ignored and need not have replied. Yet, Eve responded that they were not supposed to eat a particular fruit. Satan had threefold strategy:

1) Doubt God: Satan made Eve to doubt the Goodness of God. How can a good and loving God forbid something? Even today he uses the same tactic. Eve had divided loyalties. Eve also did not know what is a lie as she had not known it or experienced it.

2) Discredit God: If God’s goodness could be doubted, then his words could be discredited and have no relevance. Instead, Serpent substituted his promise of ‘becoming like god.’ Satan introduced ‘death of innocence’ and spiritual death through lack of faith in loving, good and promise keeping God. Satan gave impression that God was selfish and jealous of Eve attaining his status. Satan portrayed God as ‘joy-killer.’

3) Desire to be God: Satan cleverly planted a desire or an aspiration. Instead of death or decay Satan promised, upgradation to be at par with God. Eve need not be limited by finite mind, but get omniscience. Eyes will be opened, become like God and discern good and evil. Desire for perfection and more knowledge is normal, but breaking God’s command to obtain them is wrong.

Sadly, Eve and Adam plunged humanity and universe into sin and curse.

Am I watchful against pop-ups inspired by Satan in my life?