Power or righteousness

People are starving and dying. The health care is not adequate. There is a scarcity of almost everything. Yet, this nation tests long-distance missiles, with the intention to warn and terrify all nations in the world. Thousands of villagers must walk miles to fetch drinking water. That nation wants to explore water on Mars. Instead of providing the basics: food, water, clothes, shelter, education, and health care; they pursue projects that give name, fame, and power to themselves or their country. The Bible teaches that righteousness exalts a nation and all other attempts are futile endeavors. (Proverbs 14:34)
Pursuit of power: Throughout history, some nations were in pursuit of power, control over people, resources, and military strength. Under such leaders, people were suppressed, oppressed, and exploited.
Name and reputation: There were leaders in history who wanted to be remembered by the subsequent generations. For that, they wanted to accomplish feats that would not be overtaken by anyone for many years. It could be huge building projects or expanding territories by violating borders…etc. They also commission artists, writers, and sculptors to create fictional images or biographies about themselves.
Righteousness: By obeying God’s Law and adapting the moral and ethical standards revealed in the bible exalts a nation. The Ten Commandments are relevant, transcultural, transnational, and multi-generational. Paul writes the importance of the implementation of the law. (I Timothy 1:8-11) When a nation disobeys God’s law, does not practice His moral standards, and does not implement the law, that nation will be judged by God. (Deuteronomy 28)
Dignity of people: In such countries, people do not have dignity or self-esteem. The rulers treat them like sub-human beings, controlling and oppressing them. Instead of providing their needs, a conducive atmosphere of peace, and showing a path for progress; they demand and extract their skills, resources, and wealth.
Christian citizens: Disciples of the Lord are called to pray for the healing of such nations. (II Chronicles 7:14) They should be the salt of the earth and light of the world. The Church should equip saints to be catalysts for transforming nations.
Am I a catalyst engaged in the transformation of my nation?