Usurping what belongs to others

On June 10, at least 11 people robbed the office of CMS Securities, a cash management services company, in Ludhiana after overpowering security guards. The mastermind was a couple who stole Rupees eighty million (eight crores). They went to offer thanks for their success to a worship place. Police set up a kiosk offering free fruit drinks. The couple came and received it, and later police arrested them after a short chase. (Business Today, 19 June 2023) The Bible commands not to steal. (Exodus 20:15)
Definition: Taking anything that does not rightly belong to us is stealing. Stealing is not just material things; it extends to several other areas. Planning and stealing when the owner is absent, holding a person at gunpoint, and looting or asking for ransom are some of the kinds of stealing.
Thoughts and Ideas: Violating copyrights is stealing somebody’s ideas or thoughts. Copying assignments and thesis is looting others’ hard work and intellectual contribution.
Time: Lack of punctuality is stealing other people’s time. Deliberately making others wait is also a sin.
Public space violations: Parking in the ‘No Parking’ area is stealing public space. Encroaching public space for extending houses or shops is a violation of this commandment.
Reputation: Gossiping, spreading rumors, and forwarding unverified news… are examples of stealing other people’s reputations.
Taking credit: Unfairly taking credit for the accomplishments of others in business establishments, government institutions or politics means to break this law.
ID theft: Now, with modern technology, ID theft has become common. Deceptively stealing other people’s finances by technology or false assurances.
Ransomware: Demanding a huge ransom by hacking computers, servers, and cloud storage is a white-collar evil.
Kidnapping: People kidnap children or women and demand money to release them.
Dowry: Demanding dowry and pushing a family into debt is a form of stealing.
Robbing God: The worst stealing can be against God. “Will man rob God? Yet you are robbing me. But you say, ‘How have we robbed you?’ In your tithes and contributions.” (Malachi 3:8)
Do I steal others’ materials or thoughts or time space or reputation?