The privilege of intercession

Scissors have two sharp blades. Both are joined in the middle. To cut, both blades should simultaneously function. Prayer and action are like two sharp blades of a ministry and mission. To be effective in ministry, both need to be done, coordinated effort is essential.
One man intercession: Moses commanded Joshua to fight against Amalekites. The Amalekites made a shameful attack: the first nation to fight against the newborn nation, raided from behind where the pregnant women, babies, and weak, vulnerable, burden bearers were walking. Moses told Joshua that he would go up to the hilltop with his rod. At the hilltop, Moses was visible to Joshua. He raised his hands in prayer and intercession. If the hands were up, Joshua prevailed, if not Joshua was at the receiving end. Aaron and Hur helped Moses to sit down while they both held his hands to be raised until Joshua defeated the Amalekites. (Exodus 17:8-13) Somehow, the victory of a nation was dependent on the intercession of one person.
Need of intercession: Praying for others, the needs of God’s people, and the extension of the Kingdom of God is a great privilege. Any nation in the world could be healed and restored by the fervent intercession of God’s people. Chosen people of God have the mandate to intercede for their people and nation. God graciously hears such prayer and heals the land. (II Chronicles 7:14)
Associates: Moses needed associates to help him. Aaron and Hur, the able assistants could be with Moses and make sure the intercession session resulted in victory.
Roles: Moses was chosen by God to intercede and Joshua to fight the battle. A great warrior like Joshua would fail, without intercession. A great intercessor would not succeed with the task of execution by Joshua.
The sin of omission: Most disciples would have neglected the task of intercession. Forgetfulness, laziness, lethargy, not understanding the significance of intercession, and being insensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit are some causes. How many opportunities to plead, intercede, and intervene in the affairs of nations have been lost?
Do I cherish the ministry of intercession?