Privilege and Responsibility

A first-year student in a university was roughed up by senior students for not saluting them. A girl was raped, as she refused the advances of a man from higher caste. A daily wager was beaten up for sitting at his doorsteps while the high caste youngsters crossed his home. These atrocities are done by miscreants in the name of ‘privileges’ or ‘entitlements’ that they have inherited by the virtue of birth or position or seniority or age. We are living in a society that has lost the virtue of responsibility. Puffed up imaginary expectations and unwritten social rights are their misguiding factors. Absalom thought he was privileged, future king is not bound by any laws or discipline or norms of the country or society.
1) Murder: There was chaos in the family of David. Amnon loved Tamar but did not have courage to tell his father David. Advised by a wicked friend, Jonadab feigns illness, David request Tamar to serve Amnon; he rapes her. (II Samuel 13:1-19) David did not act. Absalom took revenge for his sister’s rape by murdering him. (II Samuel 13: 23-33) Instead of taking this matter to the authority of the King, he usurped the position as judge and killed Amnon.
2) Destroying crops: Joab the commander of David’s army devises a way to bring back Absalom who had run away after murdering Amnon. Though, Absalom came from exile, he was not permitted to meet King David. (II Samuel 14:24) Absalom set fire the barley crops of Joab, the benefactor who facilitated his return. (II Samuel 14:30) He intimidate Joab to get permission for Absalom to meet David. (II Samuel 14:33)
3) Coup against David: Even Jonathan, Son of King Saul knew God has chosen David and made covenant with David. (I Samuel 18:3) However, Absalom by trickery and treachery tried to usurp the throne driving David to wilderness exile. (II Samuel 15)
Instead of realizing their responsibility and contributing to growth, progress, and welfare of society, they damage and destroy society.
Do I focus on responsibility or privileges?