May 2021

All are equal sinners?

One person was sharing his testimony and was exaggerating about his sinful life. “I was a murderer, liar, blasphemer…etc.” Few distractors were listening and got police to arrest him. They complained to police that he was confessing his murder and so catch him. Was Paul also exaggerating like this? “The saying is trustworthy and deserving […]

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Sabbath Rest

There are certain buildings where mostly Jewish people live. In the high-rise buildings, the life is designed to stop at each floor and move to next on Sabbath days. Jewish people believe that pressing the switch to start or stop operation of a Lift (Elevator) is violation of Sabbath Law. They try to follow as

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One person was caught in a malfunctioning lift (elevator) and was crying for help. A new resident in the multi-storied building rushed to help. As an electrical engineer, he rushed to help. Few men stopped him and asked him: “Who are you?” He explained that he could help the hapless man. “Who authorized you to

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Three scholars

Nathaniel was a sceptic that nothing good can come out of Nazareth, (John 1:46) Lord was not ashamed of his humble birth in Bethlehem or insignificant city of Nazareth or his parents who were poor. Lord was not offended by the unfair comment of Nathaniel; he said: “Israelite without any deceit.” (John 1:47) Nathaniel was

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Egoist’s disaster

There was a pastor, who was not performing his task as expected. His preaching was mediocre, administration poor, leadership pathetic and there was no initiative taking. One young woman in the congregation was an upcoming leader. She found a good Sunday School material that could be used for over a hundred children in the church.

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Unparliamentary words

There was a polite, courteous, soft-spoken, and intelligent journalist who spoke, argued, and reasoned with diligence and intelligence. However, one who was opposed to that view was adamant, loud-mouthed, arrogant, dominating, and used words that were uncivil, demeaning, filthy and obscene. The journalist objected stating that the other discussion member was using ‘unparliamentary words.’ Hearing

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