Sabbath Rest

There are certain buildings where mostly Jewish people live. In the high-rise buildings, the life is designed to stop at each floor and move to next on Sabbath days. Jewish people believe that pressing the switch to start or stop operation of a Lift (Elevator) is violation of Sabbath Law. They try to follow as meticulously as possible as ritual or tradition or superstition, but somehow missed the essence of the teaching.
1) Spiritual Rest: Sabbath reminds us of whole creation of God and His rest. Seven-day week is from the creation account. We imitate God when we take rest. This is also grateful to remember that Lord is our saviour and redeemer. (Exodus 20 & Deuteronomy 5) We remember God for giving Eternal Rest in His presence through the work of Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, his burial and resurrection. It is also celebration of god’s covenant with His people.
2) Mental rest: In the modern world there is mental tension, stress, and fatigue. Humans are not created for work, but for the glory of God Jewish Rabbis promote intellectual activities and spiritual regeneration on Sabbath days.
3) Physical rest: The Children of Israel were slaves in Egypt and did not have rest. God gives them rest from physical, harsh labour and should celebrate it with gratefulness. God wants us to be free from principles of the world that could enslave us.
4) Social rest: God gave this command for the Nations, especially to Jewish nation. All activities in the society should stop, rest and focus on spiritual things. Markets, entertainments, and restaurants do not function, so that all people have opportunity to rest.
5) Psychological rest: In the world, the situations challenge us to ask ourselves: Who am I? Our spiritual status as ‘child of God’ is contested by temptations, tribulations, and tests. Coming into the Presence of God on Sabbath, helps us to remember, recognize and celebrate our eternal status in Christ Jesus.
Do I celebrate the Sabbath Rest?