One person was caught in a malfunctioning lift (elevator) and was crying for help. A new resident in the multi-storied building rushed to help. As an electrical engineer, he rushed to help. Few men stopped him and asked him: “Who are you?” He explained that he could help the hapless man. “Who authorized you to touch this?” Meanwhile, the man was crying hysterically for help. The ‘Good Samaritan’ ignoring their objection, rescued that man.
There are many obstructionists who always hinder any good from happening. There were Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, Priests, and other Jewish leaders during the time of Lord Jesus Christ. In the synagogue was a man with shrivelled hand. Some scholars state that he was a mason, unable to work or earn or lead as decent life. He was religious and was in the synagogue. Interestingly, the critics initiated a debate: “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?”—so that they might accuse him.” (Matthew 12:10) Their intention was to prove that Lord Jesus Christ violated the Law, the Sabbath, and the Traditions; so that they can accuse him and even kill him. In their thought process, the hapless man was just a worthless subject for debate and discussed.
Lord established that ‘Doing Good,’ is the priority. The critics would rescue an animal fallen inside a pit because it is their property. But will not help a man who is in distress, because he is a ‘stranger’ not a ‘neighbour.’ Instead of getting empty cheers from the crowd for keeping the Sabbath, went ahead ‘doing good’ by healing the man.
First, For Lord man is more important than any animal like sheep. For Pharisees and their gang, sheep was to be esteemed. Even today, there are many who falsely believe all lives are equal whether that of animal or birds or reptiles or worms or insects.
Second, Obedience by doing good is more important than sacrifice or upholding certain laws.
Third, by restoring the hand, Lord provided empowerment to be self-sufficient and need not be dependent on others’ alms.
Am I obstructer or benefactor?