Three scholars

Nathaniel was a sceptic that nothing good can come out of Nazareth, (John 1:46) Lord was not ashamed of his humble birth in Bethlehem or insignificant city of Nazareth or his parents who were poor. Lord was not offended by the unfair comment of Nathaniel; he said: “Israelite without any deceit.” (John 1:47) Nathaniel was so impressed with Lord Jesus Christ, when he said that he saw him while he was standing under a fig tree. (John 1:48) The Spirit of God helped him to remember Prophet Zachariah and understood Lord Jesus was the Righteous Branch (a variation of Nazareth). (Zachariah 3:8-10) Immediately he confessed that Jesus is the ‘Son of God.” (John 1: 49)
Nicodemus came at night to meet Lord Jesus. Did he come as a spy or to do his duty as Sanhedrin member to make sure Lord Jesus was Messiah? (John 3:1-21) He acknowledged that the Lord Jesus was from God. However, Lord confronted him to be born-again. Nicodemus was startled, shocked and surprised. How can an old person go again into a womb to be born-again? Lord explained and told him that Son of Man should be lifted up and then He will draw all near. It took long-time for him to evaluate, consider, reflect, and decide to become His disciple.
Paul was well-versed in Moses’ Law and considered himself as blameless. Paul had audacity to violently persecute the followers of Lord Jesus Christ as encouraged by religious leaders. Lord had to confront him dramatically while he was going fast to Damascus to persecute Christians. Saul (Paul) immediately accepted Jesus as Lord and became an ardent follower.
For Nathaniel (Sceptic), it was quick light. For Nicodemus (religious seeker), it was long time of brooding. For Paul (religious fanatic), it was extreme animosity toward the Lord that was dramatically, turned to love for the Lord.
All search for truth leads to Lord Jesus Christ -The Way, The Truth and The Life.
How did I realize that the Lord Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life?