Egoist’s disaster

There was a pastor, who was not performing his task as expected. His preaching was mediocre, administration poor, leadership pathetic and there was no initiative taking. One young woman in the congregation was an upcoming leader. She found a good Sunday School material that could be used for over a hundred children in the church. The person who created that syllabus was invited to make a presentation to the pastor. Just before a day, pastor refused to give time or appointment to the child evangelist. Instead, called the young girl and scolded her in front of many others in the congregation. This dynamic girl felt humiliated, ashamed, and even thought of committing suicide. Instead of being a nurturing leader, he was torturing leader.
1) Lack of discernment: Leaders, especially pastors should have the gift of discernment to see potential people chosen by God and who have scope for fruitfulness. Paul was generous and did that to Timothy. “For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” (II Timothy 1:6)
2) Lack of vision: This pastor did not have a vision for leadership development. In fact, he snuffs out any sign of leadership potential. Leadership is killed ruthlessly by such autocratic leaders.
3) Lack of stewardship: Such leaders fail in their calling and duty as they arrogantly refuse to take help from others to accomplish God’s purposes. Sadly, such people’s Ego – will not do essential tasks and not let others to do.
4) Lack of successors: Since these leaders kill all emerging leaders by their foolishness, impoliteness, rashness, pride, and self-sufficiency; there will not be succeeding leaders.
5) Lack of growth: Such leaders who lead various local churches or organizations or institutions, when they leave or retire or die, will leave a worser church/organization/institution they inherited. Sign of decay would be in all spheres of administration.
Do I affirm, acknowledge, and encourage emerging leaders?