Jehoiakim resists God’s Word

The officials received the scroll containing the message to the King and the Nation of Israel. They kept it in a safe place as they had regard for Jeremiah. They gave an executive summary to the king. (Jeremiah 36: 20-21) But Jehoiakim summoned the scroll. He was sitting in the winter palace which was built in a magnificent manner with money earned by wickedness. (Jeremiah 22:13,14)
1) Cut: The scroll was read, when three or four columns were read, Jehoiakim cut it and threw it in fire. (Jeremiah 36:22-26) Today also people cut portions of Scripture they do not like.
2) Burn: Jehoiakim not only cut it, he threw the pieces in the fire. Did he think it was not God’s word, just words of a crazy man called Jeremiah? It was a blasphemous act. When he rejected the words of Jeremiah, he rejected God. Ignoring, neglecting or showing indifference to God’s word is similar to the act of Jehoiakim. God’s Word can never be destroyed. (Isaiah 40:8)
3) No fear of God: Jehoiakim did not fear God or tear his garments like King Josiah. (II Kings 22:11-20) When we hear the Word of God, we should rend our heart, not just garments. (Joel 2:13) That means Jehoiakim did not even have pretention of religiosity.
4) Rejected warning: There were three bold men: Elnathan, Delaiah, and Gemariah who pleaded with the king not to do such foolish act. Elnathan was a conspirator with the king and killed Uriah the prophet, but now he seems to be changed man. (Jeremiah 26:22) When Jehoiakim rejected the Word of God, his hardened heart could easily reject warning too.
5) Ordered arrest: Jehoiakim ordered arrest of Bharuch and Jeremiah. However, God hid them.
God’s response: Jeremiah will write again the same words, while Jehoiakim will be defeated, will not have a descendant to claim throne of David and his body would lie in the open. (Jeremiah 36: 27-31) Jehoiakim was defeated not God’s word.
How do I respond to God’s Word?