Privilege to bless

God has called Christians like Aaron to bless the world.
1) Washed: Aaron and his sons were washed first to be eligible to serve the Lord. (Leviticus 8:6) Christians are washed by His Word, by His spirit. (Ephesians 5:26; Titus 3:5) The cleansing by the blood of Jesus Christ is received by faith. (Revelation 1:5)
2) Sanctified: The priest was clothed with special garments. (Revelation 8:7-8) He cannot wear the old garments. A believer is clothed with the robe of salvation and righteousness. (Revelation 3:5) The garments were provided or gifted to the priests. They need not buy or weave or make one but receive and wear.
3) Anointed: Moses takes the anointing oil and sprinkles it seven times on the altar and all the altar utensils and consecrates them. (Leviticus 8:10-13) Oil was poured upon the priests, on things it was sprinkled. Oil represents the Holy Spirit and a New Testament believer walks by faith in spirit. (Psalms 133:2; I John 2:2o)
4) Consecrated: Consecrated means to make it holy or dedicated to a higher purpose. For example, a building must be consecrated to become a church. Consecration is the human part, while sanctification is God’s part. It simply means to be interested, focused, and concentrated in what God has called us to do. The whole nation of Israel or the Tribe of Levi was not consecrated. Only Aaron was consecrated as a priest. (Exodus 28:1-2 and 29:1, 4, 9-10) Praise God because of Lord Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross of Calvary, burial, resurrection, and ascension, we are all priests and kings. (I Peter 2:9)
5) Waiting in God’s presence: Aaron and his son’s consecration lasted seven days. Each day sacrifices were made. All the seven days Aaron and his sons should not go out of the tabernacle.
6) Identification with people: Aaron and the priests had the names of the tribes on their shoulders and chests. (Exodus 28:29)
7) Humility: Aaron or priests should bless people with the same words. (Numbers 6:24-27) Prayers could be their own words, but blessings should be the repetition of God’s words.
Do I use the privilege to bless others?