Prize Eternal

There is an interesting fable. One miser lived in a village, he would calculate each and every action in terms of money and profit. His day-to-day activities were evaluated by cost. The whole villagers nicknamed him as: “Man for profit.” They believed earnestly that he does not do anything without being assured for profit. One day, he was caught in a water current in a pond. He was desperately trying to come out of the water. Villagers watched. They did not move to help. They talked with one another: “He may get some profit, so he is in the water.” He died drowning. Most people like to make sure that they gain something back for their services.

1) Recognition: Some people expect that others should appreciate them in person and applaud in public. In the public gatherings they expect to be recognized by getting premium seats in dais.

2) Remuneration: There are others who wish to have money paid in return for their services, even from the poor and those who are not able to pay them. There are television evangelists who refuse the poor and needy, but willingly serve the rich who may live in sinfulness and selfish indulgence.

3) Reward: Others are there who expect reward. Strangely, Certain rewards and awards for sales, not for the deserving.

4) Remembrance: Some people want the following generations to remember them. They wish to leave a legacy. One prominent singer created his own statue. So did a poor man; who starved, did not take care of his family, yet put all his income into creating his own statue.
Paul writes: “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14) Paul does not expect to be rewarded in this world. Yes, there could be occasions for recognition or remuneration or reward. However, they are not worth compared to the eternal rewards. Paul determines not to be distracted with the glories of this world but fixed towards the heavenly prize and call.
Do I have a fixed focus on heaven?