Promise of Long-life?

Corona Pandemic has been severe and experienced all over the world. New-born kids to old people many have died. Christians are worried and concerned. Some believers, pastors, evangelists, and missionaries also have been affected by Covid 19 virus and a few have died. How can the promises of God like that in Psalms 91 could be understood? There are examples in the Bible about righteous dying young. John the Baptist who was termed as: ‘greatest among those born of women’ by Lord Jesus Christ; died when he was 33. (Matthew 11:11) Which is not considered as ‘full-life.’ Herod killed James in AD 44 when he was young. (Acts 12:1-2)
1) Purpose of promise: God’s promise is connected to His purpose. Without plan of God, promises are empty words. Sovereign God has purpose and plan for this universe and for all human beings. None is exempt, even if they are wicked. (Proverbs 16:4) God’s Promises are for His children, to do God’s will, fulfill His purpose on this planet earth. When God’s purpose for a particular individual in a special context is fulfilled, s/he has to go from this earth to be with Him. In the ministry of Lord Jesus Christ, on several occasions the Jewish leaders wanted to stone him to death, it did not happen, because Lord Jesus ministry was not complete; When completed, the Jewish leaders conspired to crucify Him.
2) Purpose of Life: All humans wish to live a long-life that peaceful, prosperous and joyful. For believers, what is the purpose of life? Our life is for the Glory of God. Paul writes: “For me to live is Christ, death is gain.” (Philippians 1:21) God’s promises are valid when a person is committed to ‘live for Christ.’ If not, what will a person achieve for His glory by a long life?
3) Priority of Life: Believers should be concerned about priority of life. God has given us life to make Him, His Kingdom as priority. Without such priority, promises will not be applicable.
Do I live according to His purpose to claim His Promises?