Prosperity and peril

King Solomon was the wisest king with God-given wisdom and wealth. Though it could be called a golden era in terms of wealth, it was under the shadows of spiritual darkness. In Solomon’s day, silver was considered of little value. (II Chronicles 9:20) Did this prosperity help the people of Israel to grow in their spiritual life, vision, and mission? Did the Temple help them to grow obedient to God’s Law and requirements?
Sense of vision: The Nation of Israel was blessed with a wise king. They followed Solomon not out of fear, but with a sense of vision and purpose. The building of the Temple was a cherished desire of all Israelites. Seeing it fulfilled with their own eyes gave them a sense of satisfaction and even pride that they are superior to other people of surrounding nations.
Young People: The young people saw great prosperity around them. Solomon who was a celebrity in the nation started going astray worshiping other gods. The wives he married for political alliances, misled him into spiritual darkness. (I Kings 11:4-9) This created confusion in the minds of youngsters.
Rehoboam: When Rehoboam was chosen as the king, he was no match for Solomon’s wisdom or diplomacy, or leadership skills. Despite the prosperity, people felt the burden of huge taxes and coercive administration. They wanted a change.
Advisors: Rehoboam called the advisors who were experienced and served King Solomon. They suggested that Rehoboam speak kindly to them, if he serves them, they will serve him. Rehoboam had a second opinion from the youngsters, and they gave dangerous advice, which Rehoboam followed stupidly. (I Kings 12:1-17)
Foolish policy: The youngsters amid prosperity, became arrogant and had an unrighteous, wicked mindset. Three oppressive decisions of Rehoboam. The yoke will be added to the existing, his little finger shall be much heavier than the thigh of Solomon and would use scorpions to punish people instead of whips.
Nation divided: Jeroboam led ten tribes to become a separate Kingdom of Israel and Rehoboam retained the Kingdom of Judah.
Do I realize that arrogance and foolishness lead to disaster?