Quick Forgetfulness?

The Nation of Israel was plagued by amnesia, a disease of forgetfulness. Strangely, it happened soon. This spiritual problem is not limited to the Israelite, is part of all God’s people experience. Interestingly, they believed his words, sand his praise to forgetting him too soon. “Then they believed his words; they sang his praise. But they soon forgot his works; they did not wait for his counsel.” (Psalms 106:12-13)
1) Did not consider: We always should consider God’s Wondrous works, and Awesome deeds. (Psalms 106:7,22) Those who do not reflect, ponder or consider; are like the seeds that fell on the wayside, taken away by birds as in the Parable of a Sower. (Matthew 13:19) In adversity, we are advised to consider or examine our ways so that we could repent and reconcile with God. (Ecclesiastes 7:14; Haggai 1:7)
2) Did not remember: God remembered their groaning and his covenant made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (Exodus 2:24). However, the Nation of Israel did not remember the Promises or covenant. Sadly, they did not remember the abundance of God’s steadfast love. (Psalms 106:7)
3) Did not wait: (Psalms 106:13) The Nation of Israel was indulging in their own ideas, devices, ways and methods. Trusting their own riches, knowledge, power, and influence is dangerous. They failed to wait on the Lord for getting His counsel.
4) Forgot His works: (Psalms 106:12-13) They began well. They believed his words, sang his praise but forgot His works. That means their religious gatherings became an external tradition, listening to Scripture and singing became mere ritual. It was an external exercise and did not proceed from their hearts and minds.
5) Forgot God: (Psalms 106:21) Ultimately, they forgot God. It was a downward spiral of their spiritual life. First, they failed to consider and examine. Second, they failed to remember God’s love, promises and covenant. Third, they failed to wait on the Lord. The natural consequence was that they forgot God and lost their relationship with Him.
Do I practice spiritual disciplines: consider, remember and wait?