Reassigned for Mission

There was a servant of God in a difficult situation. Years of toil has brought tears, heart breaks, mental tension, and sickness. There was not enough fruit to take heart or have a sense of satisfaction. He fell on the floor and prayed to the Lord in his low moment: Lord I resign. With no tears in his eyes, exhausted, he slept. At that time, he had a trance, in which he saw an angel giving him an appointment letter: “Your re-appointment Re – Signed.” He got up and understood that the Lord wanted him to continue, he did and had great ministry later.
Sometimes servants of God go through hard times or are afraid of difficult situations. Paul writes to Timothy urging him to continue his mission in Ephesus for six reasons that are applicable to many situations. (I Timothy 1:3-20)
1) Truth (3-7): There were always multiple counterfeits presented to people. The truth is hidden or twisted so that people gravitate towards lies. Strangely, these false teachers make confident assertions.
2) Hard place (8-11): Lawlessness is written in the DNA of the wicked. When there is no gospel proclamation and sound teaching, lawlessness abounds in all aspects of life: individuals, family, institutions, society, and government. Their evil hearts are stubborn. (Jeremiah 16:12)
3) Unworthy to serve 12-16): Many times, like Isaiah and Jeremiah humble servants feel inadequate, unqualified and unholy. (Isaiah 6: 5; Jeremiah 1:1) God makes those whom he has called to be qualified also. (II Corinthians 3:5)
4) Great God (17): King of Kings, Lord of Lords, invisible and eternal God is worthy of worship and service.
5) Battle (18): Ministry to people of God and mission to the unreached are always a challenge. It is an intense war without relaxation. High alertness, agility and aggressiveness is needed to counter Satan and his strategies.
6) No one else (19-20): Paul could trust only Timothy as many have deserted and have even shipwrecked their faith. God prepares a person to fulfil His purpose for many years as evident in the life of several ‘servants of God’ in the Scripture.
Have I resigned or reassigned by God?