Rebel or Radical

Many times people misunderstand rebels and radicals. Even radicals are branded as rebels.
Definition: Being radical means taking a courageous stand and defying social norms, traditions, and even unjust laws. Some people brand even Lord Jesus Christ as a rebel which is wrong. Rebellion is attractive to people of this world, but God rejoices in those righteous acts of radicals. Radicals possess righteous anger to establish God’s righteousness.
The Midwives: Pharaoh who knew not Joseph was scared of the multiplying Hebrews. He wondered, if the Hebrew slaves join the enemies to attack Egypt, the nation would be defeated. Hence, he instructed the midwives to kill male babies and spare the female infants during childbirth. However, the midwives feared God and did not obey Pharaoh. (Exodus 1: 16-18)
Parents of Moses: Moses’ Parents Amram and Jochebed were radicals. Pharaoh had commanded all people to throw all Hebrew newborn children into the Nile. (Exodus 1: 22) As they could not hide Moses, they placed him in a basket made of bulrushes, outer quoted with bitumen and pitch. That basket was left in the Nile as commanded by Pharaoh. They did not violate the order of Pharaoh but defied it in a creative way that also expressed their faith in Sovereign God.
Three Hebrew youngsters: Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego refused to worship the statue Nebuchadnezzar had erected. Though they were threatened with death, they refused to obey the human law against God. (Daniel 3)
Voluntary service of Nehemiah: As a governor, Nehemiah was eligible for a salary and perks. However, Nehemiah set aside this privilege for twelve years so that people were not burdened with more taxes. (Nehemiah 5:14)
Lord Jesus and Law: Religious authorities were angry with Lord Jesus, envious, and conspired against Him stating he was against the Law of Moses. Lord Jesus clearly stated that he has come to fulfill not abolish the Law. (Matthew 5:17) Lord Jesus removed the additions to Law that became a burden for the people. (Matthew 23:4) Lord Jesus kept the Law of Sabbath but defied the Rabbinic faulty interpretation and rulings.
Am I a radical disciple?