‘Reels Queen’ committed Suicide

A nine-year-old girl in the fourth grade produces 70 reels in six months on Instagram. She became a celebrity very soon. Her reels were liked and shared by many. Parents scolded her in front of other children as she played outside too long, and neglected her studies. She returned home, while their parents went to buy provisions for home. She committed suicide by hanging. (Times of India, 30 March 2023)
Access to technology: The advance of technology has made it possible to afford a smartphone by a nine-year old girl. The level of technology used in smartphones is equal to or even better than that was used to send astronauts to the moon in 1969. Children black mail emotionally to their parents to buy smartphones.
Social Media: The companies promoting their platforms cannot monitor or know millions of users. Children can simply enter social media with their parents’ consent or use false statements regarding their age. Social Media platforms provide an opportunity to connect and communicate. At the same time, they are addictive and could mislead in the wrong direction.
Imitate the world: Children imitate others. Sadly, children are applauded in ‘Reality Shows,’ by their parents; that too the performances are adult content, seductive and sleaze shows. Parents are obsessed with popularity, that too from adolescent children. Herodias was an irresponsible mother, who made her daughter Salome dance before Herod. When Herod asked what her reward was, Salome, coached by her mother, demanded the head of John the Baptist. (Matthew 14: 1-12)
Purpose of life: Children should be taught to celebrate life, understand the meaning of life, and discern God’s purpose in their lives. Popularity and power are not worthy of life-long pursuits, as they do not satisfy.
Hurt: Modern society is filled with people who are hurt about one thing or another. This hurt feeling even ends in violence, riots, and political chaos. A child is hurt if parents exercise their parental authority or teachers their authority. Teaching children to accept No, denials, and defeats as part of human experience is essential.
Do I train my children and grandchildren in a godly way?