Remote-controlled Robot?

One person was boasting about his home security features. He can switch off the video, being at the office, or in another city when his teenage son was supposed to study. The whole home was monitored by him, and no mishap happened. Then he said: “Why can’t God have such remote control that he stops any person doing sin? Does he not have power authority or technology? If not, why should He punish sinners?” Later, his teenage son was smarter than his father and he used to short-circuit the controls and do whatever he wanted to do.
Human, not robot: God created man and woman in His image. Adam was given the freedom to name all animals and birds. (Genesis 2:19) Placing Adam and Eve amid the Garden of Eden, the Lord gave them the freedom to choose what they wished to eat from multiple choices of fruits. There was only one forbidden tree. When Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit, God did not veto it or stop her and Adam. (Genesis 3:6)
Freedom of choice: God’s gift to humans is the freedom of choice which is called Freewill. This God-given gift was not revoked or canceled when Adam and Eve made a wrong choice. Their descendants also enjoy this freedom.
Instinct in animals: In contrast, the animals do not have freedom of choice, moral capacity, or spiritual inclination. They operate by instinct; hence an animal species will behave in the same manner, generation after generation.
Responsibility: Humans are given the freedom of choice and an awesome moral responsibility. They have been granted a mind to think logically and to understand the consequences. The human mind could foresee the consequences, yet they could ignore the consequences and commit an act of sin.
Good Faith: A driving license is given in good faith that the licensee would use it for the right purpose, abiding by rules, and regulations, and be responsible in its use. The government does not issue licenses for causing accidents or running over people and destroying other vehicles.
Do I celebrate and responsibly use free will or Freedom of choice?