Rest and Work

Most people like to work and rest. In the modern world, the weekend is designated as a time for rest, relaxation, fun, and entertainment. However, God created humans to Rest and then work. One translation states that God created man and made him rest in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:15) Adam was not just placed in the Garden, but given rest in the Garden. God worked all six days and rested on the Seventh Day and made it as Sabbath. Man begins his life with rest and then works. How to define rest from the biblical perspective.
Trust: Rest means to trust God, fully and faithfully. Adam was created by God. Adam knew had his life as a gift from God. Now, he could rest on that gift and attributes of God. Good God created him and placed him in a perfect environment.
Enjoyment: Before Adam could start his work, he could enjoy the fruits of God’s work or creation for him. He was not a caged bird, but free to go around the garden to enjoy the fruits, see the beauty, marvel at the colors, design, and textures, listen to the music of sounds, and songs of birds, and enjoy the cool breeze.
Celebration: Expressing gratitude to God for creating, redeeming, and providing our needs. Celebration is also an expression of contentment. Contentment with godliness is a great gain, as well as celebration. (I Timothy 6:10)
Priority: The first Sabbath Adam experienced, helped him to understand the priority of relationships. His first and foremost relationship is God. All other relationships are secondary. Family relationships: spouse, parents, siblings, relatives, and friends all are subordinate to the Godly relationship.
Purpose: Beginning with Sabbath rest, Adam understood he has been created for God, not for work. Many become workaholics as they do not understand the purpose of God in their lives.
Preparation: Rest provides a frame of mind to prepare and plan well.
Restlessness: When we begin work (spiritual or sacred or secular) without rest, there is tension, panic, ineffectiveness, and even destruction.
Do I rest and work?