Right to be hurt?

Mimosa Pudica is a plant that rapidly closes its leaves and droops when touched. There are some people like this plant, who could be quickly hurt. As Christians, do we have the right to be hurt for anything and everything? Today, there are millions of court cases in which something hurt them and demand compensation and justice. Some are in emotional turmoil. Individuals, institutions, media, and governments could hurt anyone.

Hurt by loved ones: Those who are close are the ones who could be hurt badly. Parents, spouses, and children could hurt immensely. In the imperfect world, all are sinners and could say or do something that could hurt. Disciples respond to such situations with biblical understanding and convictions.

Comments and criticisms: Women sang crediting David for the victory over Goliath, which hurt King Saul’s security. But David refused to be hurt when Shimei cursed him. (II Samuel 16:5-13) Spiritually mature disciples are not affected by unwarranted and untruthful criticisms.

Prayer: When people are hurt, the best place to pour our hearts is the presence of God. Hurt by Peninnah, Hannah poured her anguish into the presence of God, and she was not sad after that. (I Samuel 1:12,18)

Slow to speak: “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.” (James 1:16) When hurt emotions cloud the reason, hence unwarranted words could be uttered that cause huge damage. ‘Tit for Tat,’ is the worldly norm, but Christian’s ought to be disciplined, not to speak as immediate retaliation. Words should be measured, appropriate, and dignified.

Slow to anger: Responding to any provocation is a defeat. Satan could use ordinary or simple, even weak people to defeat anyone. Human anger could neither bring righteousness nor heal the hurt person.

Gift of forgiveness: God has taught His disciples to forgive as He had forgiven. One who forgives is not a prisoner of the past but moves towards the future. Forgiver enjoys peace, not anger, bitterness, resentment, and an attitude of revenge.

Am I spiritually maturing enough to protect myself from being hurt?