Right to take decisions

A young girl had said: “I have the right to make my own decisions.” The 25-year-old girl got into a live-in relationship, later brutally murdered by her male partner. Her body was cut into several pieces and disposed of in different parts of the city of Delhi. (Indian Express, 15 November 2022) God has given humans the gift and right to make decisions.
Right decisions: The right to make decisions is an awesome responsibility. The expectation of God from everyone is the right decision. Discernment is needed to make the right decisions. However, the young girl had her vision clouded and a blinded desire for acceptance and love, marred her decision-making capacity.
Wise decisions: Choosing needs wisdom, particularly divine wisdom from God who generously gives those who ask him. (James 1:5) Knowledge from human sources like Wikipedia, encyclopaedia, and human counsellors like psychologists is inadequate.
Legitimate decisions: This girl chose live-in relationships, rather than getting married. She was not ready for a covenant relationship of sacred marriage. Both were not willing to commit to one another, instead wanted the ‘right’ to break whenever possible. Later, she insisted that the live-in relationship be changed to marriage, and that is when the murder occurred.
Righteous decisions: ‘Live-in’ relationships are legally allowed in many countries. Yet, morally, and spiritually, they are unrighteous, evil, and sinful acts. The live-in relationship could simply mean according to the Bible: two adulterers living together for convenience.
Dangerous decisions: In life, there would be dangers. Nevertheless, on many occasions, there are signs to warn about the nearing danger. This girl also was warned of the obvious danger of opting for a ‘live-in’ relationship by her father. She ignored it and moved with her partner from Bangalore to Delhi. Some paths seem to be good, but they lead to death. (Proverbs 14:12; 16:25)
Destructive decisions: Adam and Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit, which ended in self-destruction, as they died spiritually and opened doors for Satan and Sin to have a free run on the earth. Today, rejecting Lord Jesus Christ is a destructive decision.
Have I decided right to follow Lord Jesus Christ?