Righteousness and Rights

A female pilot working with a popular airline and her husband were beaten up by a mob for torturing a ten-year-old girl, who worked as a servant in Delhi. Later, they were arrested, and she was dismissed from the airline. (Hindustan Times 19 July 2023) How an educated, well-earning and having high social status, behave in such an inhuman manner? A righteous person knows the rights of the poor, a wicked man does not understand such knowledge. (Proverbs 29:7) People without knowledge of the Bible do not know about the rights of the poor, marginalized, widows, children, orphans, destitute, sick, and disabled.
Children: Each child is created in the image of God. All children have the right to live, enjoy life, get an education, and have food, clothing, healthcare, and protection. Those who ill-treat a child are wicked. Lord Jesus Christ taught that those who are hindrances or roadblocks to children should be tied to a millstone and thrown in deep waters. (Matthew 18:6) Employing a child to do household duties is a violation of the law of the land, as children below 14 years should not be employed, but be in schools studying.
Exploitation: This educated couple wanted cheap labor. Adult servant maids would demand more salary, so they employed a poor girl. Parents who could not afford her studies sent her to work, hoping the girl would have at least good food and protection. Parents’ poverty and the girl’s hopelessness were exploited by the couple.
Torture: Harming others, causing physical pain, emotional turmoil, and psychological scars are sins against God. The small child was tortured so that the scars were evident in her arms, below her eyes…etc. Punishing a child for childlike mistakes with violence shows the sick mentality of the rich couple.
Seared conscience: Does not conscience guide people? Paul writes that people with seared consciences will be wicked. (I Timothy 4:2) A conscience that is shaped by worldviews that are not biblical, is faulty and misleads people. The couple with a seared conscience thought of the child’s karma as a reason for becoming a servant. Hence exploited and tortured.
Do I recognize the rights of others?