October 2023

Brain power or wisdom

Andy Frisella introduced “Ironman for your brain” to test “mental toughness,” and promote a food supplement. A 75 Hard Challenge which includes following a strict diet with no alcohol nor cheat meals, participating in two workouts per day, and consuming a gallon of water daily for 75 days. Michelle Fairburn began the 75 Hard challenge

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Violence Vs arguments

Someone said, civilization began when one man instead of hurling stones, hurled abuses. His anger and aggression were not violent but expressed. Words are based on reason; however, violence is an expression of power, most times corrupted power. Dictators ruthlessly silence the dissenters by threat, imprisonment, physical harm, or death. In a civilized society, speaking,

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How to take advice?

A great servant of God suddenly became critical of others. He could not find any good thing in anyone. That inability to trust God and others made him desperate, depressed, and distant. Unable to appreciate his spouse and children, made him lonely. His colleagues avoided him. The denominational leaders tried to counsel him, but he

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Identify theft

Someone clicked a link that came in an SMS or WhatsApp message and lost all his money. His bank account was hacked. Many people lose their money because of this model kind of identity theft, performed with excellent technological knowledge. The white-collar crime of ID theft has multiplied several times, and police are overwhelmed with

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