Can a woman forget her child?

One woman and her husband sold an eight-month-old baby girl. With that money, they bought an iPhone 14. Why do they need the phone so desperately? They wanted to go around as tourists, make reels and upload on social media, and become famous and wealthy. (Deccan Herald, 28 July 2023)
Gift of God: The Bible teaches that children are a gift of God. (Psalms 127:3) When a couple gets married, relatives, friends, and colleagues come to greet them and give gifts. However, only God can give a real gift, a child. God’s gift should be received with gratefulness, nurtured, cherished, and celebrated.
Altar of covetousness: Some people sacrifice on the altar of covetousness. This couple coveted the iPhone 14 and wanted to possess it by any legitimate or illegitimate means. They offered their daughter on their altar of covetousness, to purchase a perishable iPhone 14.
Human sacrifice: Sacrificing infants and children has been common in the ancient world and now sorcerers and black magicians perform such heinous acts. Selling an infant to purchase an iPhone 14, is nothing but human sacrifice.
Godlessness: Esau is described as godless. For a godless person, anything could become God. For Esau, a time meal became his god, for which he could give away his firstborn rights. For this couple, the iPhone 14 became their god, for which a child was not a big sacrifice.
Worth of a child: Humans are created in the image of God. Each child is a bearer of the image of God. The worth of a child can never be equated with anything or sub-human beings, including the iPhone 14.
Forgetful mother? Can a mother forget her child? (Isaiah 49:15-17) Even when that happens in the world, the heavenly Father does not forget His children.
Lack of natural love: Parents can forsake their children, as people will lack natural love or affection in the Last Days. (II Timothy 3:1-5) Selfishness and self-worship destroys natural love towards people (including child) and instead creates love for things like the iPhone 14.
Is covetousness blinding my eyes, deafening my ears, and destroying my senses?