Helping people to understand

In many religions, some recitals and readings are done in a specific language. The people who listen do not understand them. Even before the Protestant Reformation, the liturgy was in Latin, and one denomination used the Syriac language in India. However, God intends that people listen, understand, and apply God’s word in their lives. Ezra and his team did a remarkable job: “They read from the book, from the Law of God, clearly, and they gave the sense so that the people understood the reading.” (Nehemiah 8:8)

Entertainment & Performance: Many preachers use skills like the rhetoric of an orator, humor of a stand-up comedian, modulated voice to gain attention, and speak flowery language to impress people. Yes, they succeed in impressing people, and may become popular, but do not transform the lives of the people.

Mental satisfaction: Some preachers are good intellectuals. Their knowledge of scripture, culture, and history is impeccable. They satisfy the curiosity of the listeners, and they increase in information and knowledge and derive mental satisfaction.

Emotional excitement: Some preachers are good at making people excited at that moment. Their faith, hope, enthusiasm, and activism suddenly increase. However, as time goes on, they become depressed. Another dose of emotionally exciting speech is needed.

Psychological motivation: Some preachers are motivational speakers. They use psychological techniques to make people excited and have a positive and possibility mindset, including self-confidence. There may be a marginal benefit for a short time, and for some, it may be a good turning point.

Meaning: Biblical preaching is to teach the truth which emanates from the attributes of God. Biblical truth cannot be separated from the characteristics of God. The Bible describes God as Holy, self-existing, eternal, Good, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Righteous, Just, Loving, Gracious, Merciful, promise-keeping, and never compromises with sin.

Applied for transformation: The biblical truths are not just belief systems, but also the worldview that shapes the thoughts, opinions, ideas, parameters, and paradigms. That results in the right attitude, renewed mind, and righteous behavior. The Word of God is implemented by believers with the Spirit of God.

Am I transformed every day by His Word?