Pride goes before a fall

Proud boys are a group of youngsters in the USA who think they are super-humans and have all rights and privileges, and can dominate the world. They would ruthlessly obstruct, intimidate, and even physically harm those who object to their claims. According to their worldview, they are law to themselves and disregard authorities. Pride marches are conducted in many cities around the world to celebrate the sinful lifestyle of homosexual relationships. Sin and shame are converted to pride and pomp. When a young boy or girl marries a person of his/her choice, there is a commotion among the kith, kin, clan, and caste. They respond by killing the couple, termed as honor killing which is in fact dishonor killing.
Pride and fall: Before the human Fall of Adam and Eve, happened the Fall of Lucifer. His pride coveted God’s glory and worship and wanted an exalted throne above God. (Isaiah 14:12-17) He refused to be grateful for his exalted position as archangel, above millions of other angels. Hence, he was cast out of heaven. (Isaiah 14:12)
Political pride: The proud boys wanted political domination over other non-white people, nations, and the whole world. All are created to serve them and others do not have any right. Equality was a myth for them.
Sinful pride: Sin makes people ashamed. However, some are desperate and determined to turn the shame into honor and pride. Hence, they portray themselves as innocent minorities, who are oppressed, hence need protection, privileges, and public honor. Those who were hiding were emboldened to take pride marches in cities.
Cultural pride: There is a culture that thinks they are pure, and others are impure. Any relationship with them will pollute them. Hence, if a young man loves a girl outside the clan or caste, that is pollution and an ill reputation to the family. Such damage is retrieved by the murder of the youngsters. Hate and murder are esteemed while love is damned.
Spiritual pride: Some are proud that they are saved and treat others as enemies, fools, and idiots.
Are humility and gratefulness habits of my life?