Diligent Team Work

People come together as a team to accomplish great things. There is a fable that states four cows being together would avert any attack from a tiger, when they were separated, each was killed. Being, doing magnificent things together is a trait of a team. The four friends who took the paralyzed man to the Lord Jesus Christ are a formidable, dynamic, and effective team. (Luke 5:17-21)
Share love and care: Maintaining a relationship with a disabled person is a really hard task. The person probably had become paralyzed due to an accident. To be good friends, they should meet frequently, and help him out as he could not have any livelihood.
Second mile: When the team came to know that Lord Jesus Christ had come to the town, they took that opportunity. Perhaps, they had earlier taken to some physicians, that was not successful. Yet, they spoke with him and convinced him to be taken to Lord Jesus Christ.
Shame and sorrow: The neighbors would have been puzzled by these four men who constantly visited the paralyzed man and were carrying him somewhere. That was a public humiliation for the team.
Surprising method: The team could surpass all hindrances. When they could not find a horizontal way to reach Lord Jesus, they opened the roof and let the paralyzed men down on a bed stretcher.
Supreme Faith: The Lord appreciated the faith of the four men and forgave and healed the paralyzed man.
Sacrifice and risks: Opening the roof by removing the tiles and slowly lowering the paralyzed man on his bed, before Lord Jesus Christ was a great risk. The paralyzed man had confidence in this dynamic team, hence permitting them to take this risk.
Spent resources: The team was willing to spend resources for a noble purpose. They removed tiles and fixed them when the job was complete.
Satisfying result: The team must have been overjoyed by the result. First, the paralyzed man was healed, and able to walk back home. Second, his sins were forgiven. Third, their faith was recognized by the Lord and rewarded.
Am I part of dynamic teams in the Kingdom work?