Identify theft

Someone clicked a link that came in an SMS or WhatsApp message and lost all his money. His bank account was hacked. Many people lose their money because of this model kind of identity theft, performed with excellent technological knowledge. The white-collar crime of ID theft has multiplied several times, and police are overwhelmed with this cybercrime. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) He is hyperactive these days and steals subtly anything and everything. (Revelation 12:12)
Steal innocence: The cunning Satan in the form of a serpent stole the innocence of the first couple, by deceiving them into disobedience. (Genesis 3) Those who did not know what it meant to be in the likeness of gods were deceived to aspire for that. Sadly, it resulted in disobedience, rebellion, and the fall of humanity.
Steal Word: In the Parable of Sower, the seeds that fall by the wayside are eaten by the birds. The Word of God is taken away by Satan when a person does not listen, think, reflect, and receive. (Matthew 13:19)
Steal Peace and assurance: Believers are accused constantly and consistently by Satan. This nagging allegation could rob a believer of peace and assurance of forgiveness. However, wise believers overcome Satan, the accuser of the brethren with the blood of the Lamb and Word of testimony. (Revelation 12:10)
Steal life: Satan prowls like a roaring lion and wants to devour. (I Peter 5:8) He is a murderer from the beginning. (John 8:44) His aim is to kill us in our spiritual life so that we do not have eternal life. (Matthew 10:28)
Steal faith: Satan is an eternal enemy of humans as he steals the faith of saints. The intention of the attack of Satan on Job was to steal his faith in the Lord. He wanted to steal faith from Peter also. (Luke 22:31-34)
Steal opportunities: Satan uses his people to steal opportunities from people to hear the gospel, like Elymas, the sorcerer did. (Acts 13:10) He distracts people away from the truth.
Am I agile and alert against the ID theft of Satan?