How to take advice?

A great servant of God suddenly became critical of others. He could not find any good thing in anyone. That inability to trust God and others made him desperate, depressed, and distant. Unable to appreciate his spouse and children, made him lonely. His colleagues avoided him. The denominational leaders tried to counsel him, but he did not take advice from anyone. At last, he lost his family, ministry, and future. “Better was a poor and wise youth than an old and foolish king who no longer knew how to take advice.” (Ecclesiastes 4:13)
Better: Some people self-exalt themselves as superiors and greats. There is none better than them. Hence, do not find a need to listen to the advice or counsel of others.
Knowledgeable: They also think they are superior to others in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Peter did not think that Lord Jesus was not qualified to advise him in fishing as he was just a carpenter. At Jesus’ word, he cast his net. (Luke 5:5)
Experienced: The old king became a foolish king because he counted his experience as a base for his decisions. He was not willing to take advice from others. People who had gone through similar situations could provide insights.
Rich and fool: The king thought he was rich and wise but ended up a fool. In contrast, poor young people were wise as they were willing to learn, take advice, and make progress.
Listening Skill: Taking advice is indeed a great skill. Being willing to listen needs great humility. Sumant Moolgaokar was an automobile motor design engineer who wanted to design the best vehicle for Indian roads. Though he was a senior executive, he used to go daily during lunch hour and eat with truck drivers in a dhaba (hotel). His conversation gave him insights into the design of one of the best vehicles and the company named the vehicle after him Tata Sumo. Listening to ordinary drivers made him a great designer and innovator.
Discerned decisions: Being humble to listen to others, and spiritually discerning to choose the right advice makes a person profitable for the Kingdom of God.
Do I discern and decide?