Vexed by sin in the church

One pastor, who was diligent in teaching the Word of God, was approached by some people in the diocese. They said that he would be the right person to become the Bishop and lead the church. Flattered and deceived, he agreed to contest and was elected as the Bishop. Within a few months, he could understand that people who had vested interests wanted him to be a bishop so that they could manipulate him. When he realized that he was in a mess, and administration was not his gift, he resigned. There was no financial integrity, assets were sold, bribes determined the posting of teachers in aided schools, and even adulterous relationships. Yet, for over nine months, he went through depression and had to be treated by a psychologist. His experience in the corrupt system was like that of Lot in Sodom. Peter writes that righteous Lot was vexed or overwhelmed by what he saw and heard every day in the city. (II Peter 2:8)
Sinful world: The world plunged into spiritual darkness, because of sin committed by Adam and Eve. More and more people dwell in darkness now than ever before. There is also a hardening of hearts and shamelessness of sinners. Even sins are considered a glamorous thing. Standing straight in an upside-down world is a challenge.
Principle of sin: As anything thrown up will be pulled back to earth by the force of gravity, humans are gravitated towards sin. Paul laments that he wants to do good, but is unable to do so as the principle of sin indwells in him. (Romans 7:19)
Grief and sorrow: A righteous person, because of a sensitive spirit, is grieved by the actions of people around them. That sorrow is more profound when the doers claim themselves as Christians.
Judgment: God will judge those who cause the righteous person to stumble and fall. What can the righteous do when foundations are destroyed? (Psalms 11:3) As David did, the people of God should hold on to faith with a steadfast spirit.
Am I overwhelmed by sin or look up for victory?