Money-minded shepherd

There is an interesting story about a British Lieutenant General, Sir Fredrick Stanley Maude was tasked to conquer Baghdad in 1917. With his translator and a few soldiers, he roamed around the country and met a shepherd. He offered money that could buy half of his flock and asked him to slaughter his dog. A dog is an essential companion for a shepherd, who warns and often protects sheep and shepherd risking its life. The shepherd killed the dog at the feet of the Lieutenant general. For an equal amount, the general asked the shepherd to skin the dog, which he promptly did. For a third time, he gave the same amount and asked the shepherd to cut the dog into pieces. Now, the shepherd asked if you would give the same amount if he ate the dog. For that the general replied, I wanted to know about the people, how they are loyal. You killed, skinned, and chopped the loyal companion for money. Turning to soldiers, he said: “If this is the prevailing mentality, it is possible to buy anyone and defeat this country.” (Amandala – newspaper of Belize 3 July 2023) A great number of leaders are like this shepherd, without honesty, integrity, and loyalty.
Runaway shepherds: Lord Jesus Christ taught about false shepherds, who behaved like hired hands and not as faithful stewards.
Corrupt shepherds: “He who is a hired hand and not a shepherd, who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them.” (John 10:12) The shepherd who killed his watchdog was worse still than the hired hand.
Selfish: The shepherd mentioned was so selfish. He could only think of himself, his welfare, and progress, and not the loyal companion in his profession.
Mammon worshiper: For the shepherd, money was more important than friendship. Money is superior to loyalty. He failed ethically, morally, and spiritually.
Trace of Judas: Even among Christian leaders, there are a few like Judas who would sell Lord Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.
Am I loyal, faithful, and honest?