Robbing Human Dignity

There was a fictional story in Malayalam about a District Collector (Commissioner) addressing a group of college students that became viral. One of the students asked why she was not using makeup(cosmetic) items, even the talcum powder. She responded: “I am from a tribal community. I lost my parents, who worked in mica mines, then my elder sister also. They all died because of suffocation of lungs due to mica dust. Even children were compelled to go and extract mica. As an orphan I grew up, did hard work and have become a collector. Mica produces cosmetic products to enhance beauty. However, it is the sweat, life and blood of humans that is the cost to extract mica. Do you think it will smell good for me or cause me nausea?” Around the world, exploitation, and oppression of the poor for the luxurious lifestyle of the rich is common and increasing. Prophet Amos was straightforward in condemning those atrocities.

1) Trample poor: The exploiters trample the head of the poor into the dust of the earth and turn aside the way of the afflicted. (Amos 2:7) The people who worked in mines for a paltry salary inhaled dust that their lungs were damaged.

2) Boys exploited: Human trafficking is a blot on modern civilization. Amos condemned that they bartered a boy for prostitute. (Amos 3:3) Boys are kidnapped and sold and resold by oppressors.

3) Girls abused: The oppressors sold a girl for a drink. (Amos 3:3) Adolescent, teens and virgin girls were seduced or abused and forced to sexual slavery.

4) Needy: The poor and needy were not shown mercy but sold for a pair of sandals. (Amos 2:6) The cry of the poor was ridiculed and mocked. The rich brand them as lazy or sins of past catching up or unlucky.

5) Righteous: People who were righteous, voice of the oppressed, fought for their rights; were sold for silver. (Amos 2:6) Now-a-days such activists are mercilessly silenced.

Christians should stand for truth, justice and righteousness. Raise your voice when human dignity is robbed.

Do I stand for truth and righteousness?