Paradise lost? Gained?

In Chennai, one person shared on television his experience of the flood that devastated many homes. “How I chose this home? I chose the marble for the floor, and the colour of paints for the walls, windows, and doors. I designed the balcony and the sit out. The interior decoration was done with utmost care for my taste. Each day when I came back home, I felt like heaven because it was a custom-made house. Alas, rainwater flooded our home. My paradise is lost. Will I ever build a home again?” There was hopelessness and pain in his voice.
The Garden of Eden must have been a pleasant paradise. God custom-designed the whole universe for the first couple. It has been recorded that God came every day to have fellowship and conversation with Adam and Eve. Each day, Adam and Eve would have narrated their experience of exploration in the Garden of Eden. They must have been startled about various species. The beauty, colour, design, texture and even size would have astonished them. They must have seen new things each day and shared their response to the Lord. Maybe the Lord reminded them of their purpose in the Garden of Eden and the commandment not to eat that particular fruit. (Genesis 2:4 to 3:24)
One day, Adam and Eve made the foolish choice of rejecting the commandment of God. They chose to eat the forbidden fruit. For them, the taste of fruit got preference over everyday conversation with God. Maybe they thought, if they become like ‘gods’ as the serpent had suggested, they need not work anymore. Life would be easy and just entertainment. What a pity? Curse fell upon all humanity. Adam and Eve were forced out of their familiar home of Eden.
If a man who had lost his house felt so disturbed, grieved, pained. How much would have the Heavenly Father felt? However, there was no hopelessness. God immediately started the process of redemption and revealed it to humanity through Lord Jesus Christ.

Have I gained what Adam lost in Eden?