Root sin: Love for money

One young man worked as firefighter. When he was doing his duty, he died. The government gave a huge compensation for his dependent. Naturally, the money should go to his wife, who had two small children under the age of five. However, the man’s parents fought with his wife saying: “Our son’s money is our money. You are a stranger in this home.” Harassed, this woman took his two children and went to her father’s home and she committed suicide.
1) Love for money: Greedy parents of the firefighter who sacrificed his life for society facilitated a murder for selfish reasons. Paul warns that ‘love for money’ is the root cause of all evil. (I Timothy 6:10)
2) Misunderstood Marriage covenant: God created the institution of marriage and the two shall be one. The parents claimed ownership of son while his wife is the rightful owner of his legacy and future. Sadly, many parents wish to have ownership, domination and influence over their married sons and daughters that has wrecked many marriages.
3) Lack of love: The parents did not love their daughter-in-law and did not esteem her as daughter-in-lover. Instead saw her as an intruder and usurper.
4) Lack of concern: Even the grand children were not loved. At least for the sake of grandchildren, the parents should have supported and helped the widow. The money could have been invested or saved for the future of grandchildren, instead old parents were selfish to loot all.
5) Widows as curse: Sadly, widows are treated with contempt and branded as curse. The local proverb is: “This demon woman has swallowed my son.” However, bible states that true spirituality is demonstrated by helping or working for the welfare of widows and orphans. (James 1:27)
When people love money, they fail to love people, including their near and dear ones. Sadly, many love moneys and use people; instead of loving people and using money for right purposes. Disciples of Lord are expected to love the Lord and then others -neighbours, never money.
Do I really love the Lord that money is unattractive?