Runaway Shepherds?

Lord Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd. The people who are hired, act like shepherds but will run away when a wolf attacks the flock. (John 10:11-12) Jeremiah said that he had not run away or hurried away from being your shepherd. (Jeremiah 17:16)
Conflict of priority: God has called all disciples to make disciples and care for them like a shepherd. However, many disciples have a conflict of priority. Many are unable to prioritize the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 6:33) When there is no priority, there is no commitment to the mission and ministry.
Family conflict: Many are involved in ministry (full-time or volunteers) but do not take their spouses and children along with them. That causes conflict in the family, and the spouse and children feel neglected. Shepherding the family helps to shepherd people and disciples and exercise leadership. Without peace in the family, such leaders pretend to be strong leaders. It is hypocrisy. Many missionaries and pastors had to leave the ministry because of a lack of support for ministry from their spouses.
Burnout: Some leaders are workaholics, and commit more than they can deliver. There are leaders including pastors who dump more work on meek and willing without considering their personal growth or welfare or progress. Some fell burnt out because of the intensity of ministry like Elijah. (I Kings 19)
Moral lapse: Those who are in ministry are marked for attack by Satan. Wisdom and discernment are essential for those involved in ministry, especially when it is an intense ministry like counseling. The temptation concerning money, assets, and properties has caused many to morally fail. Churches, mission agencies, and Christian institutions are poor witnesses in the community. The same kind of corruption that is found in the political and social sphere, is found in the churches also.
Poor fit: Without understanding (lack of training, sensitivity, and knowledge of the Word) many blunders happen in ministry. With a sense of inadequacy and failure, many stop doing ministry.
Like Jeremiah, disciples should not run away from God-given tasks.
Am I a faithful shepherd?