Rusted hinges

The hinges of some doors get rusted. It could be because of the poor quality of metal used on hinges, salty moisture in the air, or disuse. When the door is moved by force, it makes cranky noises, which could annoy people. Even when oil is applied, it works well a few times, again the creaking noises come. Murmuring lips are like rusted hinges, that continue to make unwarranted noises. Murmuring and muttering affect relationships and unity.
Continual dripping: A quarrelsome person, who mutters and murmurs is like a leaking roof during a rainstorm. (Proverbs 27:14) The capacity to speak is a gift to humanity. It should be used wisely, purposefully, and meaningfully. Quarrels and arguments without reason or flimsy reasons are a burden for oneself and others. Without the courage to speak, people mutter to themselves.
Unhappy murmurs: The children of Israel were not happy, though they experienced freedom from Egyptian slavery. Instead of enjoying freedom, they were worried about hindrances in their day-to-day life. The Book of Numbers lists several instances of murmur against God, Moses, and Aaron.
Ungrateful murmurs: God miraculously provided Israel with manna in the wilderness. They considered that as routine and boring food. The Bible states that Manna is the food of angels. (Psalms 78:25) Yet they murmured and wanted more items on the menu. When gratefulness is absent, the murmur is the result. Being grateful is spiritual maturity.
Contagious murmur: Sadly, if one person murmurs it quickly spreads to others. A disgruntled person could trigger a revolt in the group or community. Murmurs are disastrous to the community and to progress. Instead of solving problems, murmurs amplify and complicate the problems.
Thankful praises: A disciple’s lips should not be like rusted hinges, but new and oiled hinges. A Christian virtue is to always give thanks for all things, for that is the Will of God. (I Thessalonians 5:18) Believers should always offer thanks, praises, and worship, a sacrifice of praises, which is the fruit of lips. (Hebrews 13:15)
Do I have a joyful spirit and thankful worship on my lips?