Ruthless, No remorse

A 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death, and a stone was thrown, as she was laying on the road. Her skull was ruptured. She died on the spot on a road in Delhi, while people watched helplessly. The 20-year-old ruthless killer was caught by police, and he neither had remorse nor repentance. (The Hindustan Times 29 May 2023)
Love on demand? The ruthless killer said that the girl ignored him. The young boy thought he was the ruler of the whole world, and all people are his subjects who should obey his commandments. If he demands a girl to love him, she should.
No dignity for women: Each man and woman are created in the image of God. Each person deserves dignity as Christ had died for all. The killer worldview was women do not have personality or freedom of choice and should be subject to men. The killer demanded the absolute surrender of the girl, either living or dead.
Lust and obsession: Love is self-giving and sacrificial. In contrast, lust is self-gratifying. Hence, lust is obsessive and possessive of the person or object. Sadly, today’s young people do not know the difference between lust and love.
Void: Perhaps, this boy felt a void in his life. He thought that the void should be filled by someone else. He thought like a pet dog, a girl will do all his bidding and please him at any cost. When the girl had her likes and dislikes and decided not to deal with him, he got angry, bitter, and mad.
Power and violence: Amnon, one of the sons of King David misunderstood his lust for Tamar as love for her. He subtly called her to his house and raped her. His obsessive lust, after rape, became disgusting for her. (II Samuel 13: 1-19) The sobbing, pleading Tamar was thrown out of his house. Later Amnon was killed by Tamar’s brother Absalom. (II Samuel 13:29)
True love: Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated self-sacrificing, self-giving love. We are expected to learn from Him to have the right human relationships.
Have I understood the true love of God?