Saviour not philosopher

In a tragic incident, five youngsters aged between 18 and 22, drowned inside a village tank of Nanganullur, while giving a bath to the deity, as part of a festival. (The Deccan Herald 6 April 2023) The tragic event shows how those who were in a safer part of the pond were talking but did not act like throwing long clothes or rope to pull them out.
Why careless? Many felt the youngsters were reckless and careless. Not being alert plunged them into misery.
Why did you go far? Some were shouting asking why they went so far. It would be safe to be closer to others in the crowd.
Why did you go deeper? Others were shouting, why did you go deeper? Did you not know the water there would have deeper and more powerful currents? When you come out do not go like this again. If at all, they come back alive.
Swim, try: Swim hard, try again, and you will come out. They encouraged and cheered those who were struggling.
Did not learn swimming? Some rebuked the youngsters for not learning to swim. Without knowing swimming why, they should get into the water.
No deliverer: So many advisors, counselors, and guides, but there was no rescuer. There was none to jump, help and rescue those who were perishing.
Sinner in miry clay: All humans are sinners. They are plunging into miry clay. More they attempt to come out, the deeper they sink. There are many philosophies, religions, theories, and traditions. However, these do not offer any practical help to the people standing in the safer distance, when five youngsters drowned.
Savior of the world: Lord Jesus Christ was born in the world, dwelt among people, led a Holy Life, and took upon Himself the wages of sin: death. He was buried and rose again on the third day to give eternal life to those who believe in Him. He extends his hand, pulls out from the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, and places the feet upon a rock. (Psalms 40:2)
How am I thankful for this great salvation?