Search the Scripture!

Researchers state that they get involved in studies from various perspectives. There are four perspectives: eagle, crow, cat and fish views. Lord Jesus commanded to search the Scripture as it testifies about Him. (John 5:39) Berean believers were noble as they searched the Scripture. (Acts 17:11) As studious learners, we can learn bible to be blessed, edified, strengthened and be used by God. Word of God cleanses us, heals us and gives us peace. (John 15:3; Psalms 107:20) Word of God is milk, bread, honey and meat for our soul. (Matthew 4:4; Psalms 19:10; I Corinthians 3:2) Those who meditate the Word get wisdom, understanding and prudence more than enemies, competitors, elders, seniors, or teachers. (Psalms 119:98,99,100) Bible study could be exciting when we apply various methods.
1) Eagle view: This means to have overall perspective as eagle flies high. It is essential to read through bible from first chapter in Genesis to twenty-second chapter in Revelation at least once a year. This provides understanding about the whole truth revealed.
2) Crow view: Crow flies not like eagle yet has better understanding about a limited area. Reading various sections of bible will give us great insights. Books of Moses, History, Wisdom Literature, and prophetic books in Old Testament; Gospels, history of church in Acts, Paul’s letters, General letters and prophetic book of Revelation.
3) Cat view: This view is on the ground. Cat could go into various places and can jump over trees and walls to have better perspective. Reading and studying each book of the Bible is instructive and edifying.
4) Fish view: Sinking under the surface of water, fish has entirely different view. It is like diving deep, getting immersed in the Scripture, and hunting for treasure.
Blessed are those who hear, read, study, and meditate the Word of God day and night. (Psalms 1:1-3; Revelation 1:3) All disciples should have daily discipline and habit of listening to God’s voice. His sheep hears His voice. (John 10:27)
Do I enjoy reading, studying, searching and meditating the Bible?