Selective Amnesia

Some people suffer the loss of certain parts of their memory, which is called Selective Amnesia. It is a kind of medical problem, as well as a spiritual problem. Those who have medical problems could not remember relationships, locations, objects…etc. The whole congregation of Israel stopped singing of the victory God gave them and started complaining against Moses and Aaron. (Exodus 16:2-3)
Supply runout: They have been out of Egypt for a month, as they had left on the fifteenth of the previous month. (Exodus 12:18) The supply they brought, perhaps was over, as they had hurried out of Egypt. Still, they had flocks and herds, they could easily eat slaughtering them too.
Hunger: The Israelites were not experiencing hunger but were anticipating hunger. There was neither malnutrition nor death due to starvation. None of them swooned because of hunger. Yet, they were vociferously complaining.
Singing to complaining: Israelites quickly changed their moods. They were excited, victorious, joyful, and celebrating. When some hindrance in their comfort happens, they start complaining. This is a normal trait of humans.
Bread and Meat: Israel selectively remembers the pots of meat and abundant bread they ate. They forgot they ate with agony and bitterness. Their life was tough, and there was no purpose in serving as slaves to Egyptians. Yet, their false sense of a peaceful past fooled them.
Blame game: The Israelites blamed Moses and Aaron for evil intentions. The duo had the wicked purpose of killing all the two million people, starving them to death. The look is towards others or God and not personal evaluation. It is easy to blame others, and demonize them with imaginary intentions, rather than taking our burdens to the Lord.
Slaves and sinners: Though Israelite obtained political freedom, in their mind and habit they were still slaves, seeking comfort in slavery. They were sinners as they quickly forget God’s deliverance, and fail to understand His goodness, care, and love.
Humble prayer: Israelites should have prayed with humility and faith to the Lord. Prayer and praise are the faith antidote for complaining, murmuring, whining, mourning, and lamenting.
Is Gratitude my attitude and habit?