Servant Leadership model!

One student got admission in a prestigious Christian college. He was from a rich family background. Being proud, and treating others indignantly was his habit. He reached the college by a taxi from railway station in the morning after a long overnight train journey. The driver unloaded his two suitcases and left. There was a person watering the garden in the front. There were no security guards. He shouted at the elderly man and asked him to carry the suitcases to the hostel. Without replying a word, the elderly person left him in the hostel and went away. That day afternoon was the first day orientation in the college. On the platform was the ‘gardener’ seated on the stage. This boy started sweating. He enquired other students, they said that ‘gardener’ was indeed principal of the college. Shocked, shamed, shattered, and terrified, he wondered how he would face the principal.
Principal during his routine rounds, visited his class also. He would smile at this young man and leave. He was tormented by this question: “How can this man take that kind humiliation, ignore it, forget the incident, and smile at me?” Occasionally, the principal used to speak in the general assembly. He spoke with conviction and calmness. Sometimes, he quoted the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, especially Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5,6,7)
Inspired by the principal’s life, he started studying the Bible for himself. He was fascinated by reading the gospels. Then he understood that the Principal was a follower of Lord Jesus Christ, so only was able to be humble, meek, forgiving, competent, calm, and smiling. No wonder the student became an ardent follower of Lord Jesus Christ. Once snobbery was his lifestyle, now humility, love, compassion, helpful nature and smile became hallmark of this young man.
Servant leaders are strong investors in the lives of the people. They transform thousands by their conduct and lifestyle.
Am I a servant making profound impact on others?