Set His Face to go to Jerusalem

Lord Jesus Christ was resolute, focused, and firm in his mission to go to Jerusalem to be rejected, die, buried, and rise again to ascend to heaven. (Luke 9:51) Following the Lord is taking up the cross and has no option of turning away or back.
His journey: Lord Jesus’s death was not the result of betrayal by Judas or envy of Sanhedrin or irresponsibility of Pontius Pilate or the nails and spear of soldiers. God sent His Son to die and Lord Jesus voluntarily laid down his life on his own accord. (John 10:18) Lord’s suffering would cause him immense physical pain, emotional pain and exhaustion, mental agony, and spiritual despair. Yet, he indeed did it as it would result in joy. (Hebrews 12:2)
Our journey: As disciples, our journey is to follow Lord Jesus. That means embracing rejection with joy, suffering with love, death with confidence, and demonstrating God’s power in this world. Disciples who are not willing to take a radical course of taking the cross would be rejected and even disqualified. (Luke 9: 57-62)
Lamb of God: The Jewish people were mostly expecting a King Messiah, while few expected a priestly Messiah. John and James, sons of thunder, wanted the King Messiah to demonstrate his victorious power by killing (calling fire) upon Samaritans. (Luke 9:51-56) However, Lord Jesus came as a Lamb of God, to die to take away the sin of the world. (John 1:29)
Ministry on the way: Lord’s journey was not a restless, hopeless, joyless, or depressed journey. It was a journey in which the Lord did, as usual, teach disciples, heal the sick, cast out demons, and face opposition with confidence. His focus was not an obsession that disregarded the present needs of those around him. A disciple’s call is to execute His will always, even though the focus is on the eternal future.
Destination and determination: Whether the disciple knows the destination or not, s/he has to continue the journey with faith, obedience, and determination as Abraham did.
Am I focused on the High Call of the Lord Jesus?