February 2023

Failure by fraud

Judge Edward Davila said to Elizabeth Homes, the founder of Theranos: “Failure is normal. But failure by fraud is not OK.” She promoted an idea, which was not true, that testing blood with innovative technology, would diagnose diseases like cancer, and diabetes within a matter of minutes. She thus cheated the medical professionals, customers, and […]

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Daily medicine

One elderly man was narrating his agony of taking seven different tablets and capsules every day. Taking the medicine was an ordeal for him. Each had a distinct color, shape, and size. He asked another person: “Do you also take medicines?” He was quite healthy and did not want to disappoint his friend. He said

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No more pilgrimage

The Jewish people according to Torah had to appear in Jerusalem thrice a year: Festivals: Passover, Shavuot (The Feast of Weeks), and Sukkot (the Festival of Booths). (Deuteronomy 16:16) All Jewish people desire, aspire, and wish to visit the Temple of Jerusalem on these occasions year after year. Passover: This is a celebration of the

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Harsh Judgements!

Many would like to jump to conclusions and condemn or judge people. “Why this waste?” Disciples asked the woman who anointed the feet of Lord Jesus with an expensive ointment. (Matthew 26:6-13) From the disciples’ perspective, it was a waste, while from the Lord’s it was precious good work that would be always remembered. The

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Willing workers

Lord taught the parable of Workers. (Matthew 20:1-16) They were truly willing workers. All disciples of Lord Jesus Christ are expected to be willing workers/volunteers/laborers/harvesters in His vineyard. Motivation: The workers were out of their homes and were present in the labor market, where daily wage earners were recruited. They were eager to work. If

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