Wrong things displayed

The Assyrians were powerful and dominated the middle east during the reign of King Hezekiah. Babylon was aspiring to become a superpower. King Hezekiah was sick unto death. Though Lord asked to set things in order and enter eternity, he wept, pleaded, and even demanded a longer life. Lord miraculously healed him and got an extension of fifteen years of his life. (Isaiah 38) These fifteen years should have been put to use for His Glory and the strengthening of Judah.
Diplomacy: However, Merodach, son of Baladan, the King of Babylon visited Hezekiah to greet him as he had recovered miraculously. This high-level delegation came intending to align Judah with Babylon against Assyria. (Isaiah 39) For Assyrians Merodach was a rebel and terrorist. However, Babylonians consider themselves as freedom-fighters.
Display of wealth: Hezekiah wanted to impress the Babylonians that Judah is also a great kingdom, worthy to be treated as equal partners. Hence, he showed all the wealth, armory, perfumes…etc. that was in the royal treasury. (II Chronicles 32: 27-29)
Exposed: Hezekiah exposed the treasures, and he did not hide anything from the Babylonian delegation. Isaiah rebuked him for his foolishness. As Samson exposed his strength to a prostitute, Hezekiah exposed the riches God had given to wicked people.
Glory to God? Hezekiah neither gave glory to God, nor shared about Jehovah, his attributes, and commandments. Instead, he was blowing his own trumpet.
Prophecy of judgment: Isaiah declared that what the delegation has seen will be carried over to Babylon. Nothing will be left. Hezekiah’s descendants would be serving as eunuchs in the Babylonian palace. Selfish and foolish Hezekiah thought there will be peace and prosperity during his time, and disaster will only come upon his descendants.
Fulfillment of prophecy: As prophesied by Isaiah, Nebuchadnezzar defeated Judah and carried away many youngsters including Daniel belonging to the royal family. Daniel and his friends served in Babylon. (Daniel 1:1-4)
Hezekiah failed to be a good steward for an extra fifteen years; Lord graciously gave him.
Do I display the glory and majesty of my God in daily life?